History Line
  • 1956

    Company was established in a small office in Amman downtown by Mr. Mitri Mushahwar.

  • 1973

    Company presented HVAC circulators & pumping equipment.

  • 1980

    Seasons moved its location to Al Abdalli, Amman as a retail business

  • 1985

    Opening the bathrooms and tiles showroom in Wadi Saqra next to the Mechanical services supplies showroom.

     - M should be made into small m

  • 1995

    A Mechanical services supplies showroom was moved to Khelda - Amman.

     - M should be made small m, and Khelda should be spelled Khalda

  • 1997

    The company moved its Bathroom and tiles showroom from wadi saqra to a prestigious one in Mecca Street.

    - ‘Bathrooms’ should be made small b

    - ‘Wadi Saqra’ should be made capital W and S

  • 2001

    The company expanded its range of product in firefighting and plumping systems.

  • 2007

    Seasons introduce new products to complete range of products in all categories.

    ‘Introduce’ should be made in past tense to ‘introduced’


  • 2014

    Mecca showroom expanded to 1200 square meter which includes bathroom sets, tiles, mixers, bathroom cabinets, accessories, showers, and shower heads.